A Level


Qualification Type

A Level

Additional Entry Requirements

Grade 6 or higher in GCSE sciences and grade 6 or higher in maths.


he new A level physics course incorporates a practical skills course that enables students to develop their laboratory skills.

Opportunities for Work Related Activities

Trips to local and national galleries and visits from local artists and galleries through outreach programmes.

From the Ancient Greek “knowledge of nature”, physics unlocks the secrets of the universe: matter, energy, space and time.


Year 1

  • Particles and radiation
  • Waves
  • Mechanics and materials
  • Electricity

Year 2

  • Further mechanics and thermal physics
  • Fields and their consequences
  • Nuclear physics


BSc physics or engineering. Engineering apprenticeships


Astrophysicist; architect; satellite engineer; clinical scientist; coastal scientist; computer games designer; DJ; gravity researcher; ice scientist; laser fusion scientist; lecturer; material scientist; mechanical engineer; medical researcher; particle physicist; poker player; radar project manager; renewable energy manager; science communicator; solicitor; solar energy physicist; sound engineer; structural engineer; surgeon; teacher; tunnel engineer; TV producer; TV science adviser. (Source: Institute of Physics)